Lyx Ish
Elizabeth Was

May 29, 1956 - February 28, 2004

Lyx Ish aka Elizabeth Was spent an all too short life being a  musician, poet, gourd artist, gardener, painter, healer, yoga-instructor, instrument inventor, teacher of improvisation, mother of Liaizon Wakest, co-founder of Dreamtime Village, of Xexoxial Editions, & gave lovingly to 100s of people who took her classes or interned under her.

After being diagnosed with stage 4  pancreatic cancer a month ago she passed very quickly thru the final phase of her life surrounded by friends from all periods of her past.  She died peacefully at 3:40 February 28, 2004 in her home naturally & with awe-inspiring dignity.

Slowly over time we will be compiling a website of her poetry, music and art as well as collecting stories, remembrances and photography. Visit

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Dreamtime Village is both an informal network of friends and contacts spread around the country and also a collective community of residents, buildings and land located in the Driftless Bioregion of southwest Wisconsin. Our activities center on permaculture, art, media and learning how to live sustainably. We welcome visitors but ask that visitors contact us in advance. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the website before visiting. We are actively looking for new interns and residents.